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TGB Dual is an emulator which forum member had been pushing me to add to this site. And for a reason: TGB Dual supports link cable support through TCP/IP (even on the same PC). I don’t need to explain to Pokémon fans what the advantage of having link cable support is.

TGB Dual also supports the latest Zelda games (Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages).
The emulator is originally in Japanese, but someone has fortunately been able to convert a reasonably recent version to English, making TGB Dual usable by the rest of the world.
Unfortunately though TGB Dual crashes without reason on my own PC. Of course your mileage may vary, so I don’t expect it to crash on everyone’s PC. As this is an emulator for Windows, having the latest version of Microsoft DirectX installed is recommended. What the controls are can be found in the README.TXT file.


Download TGB DUAL 7.7

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