Super Pokemon Eevee Edition (RMXP)

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Super Pokemon Eevee Edition (SPEE) was made using RPG maker 2003. Im trying to do thing a little differently. For starters.
It uses mainly generation 2 assets. Yep. none of this DPP or RS stuff.

Secondly, it doesn’t use a traditional Pokemon battle system. It’s actually more like a traditional RPG. You carry 4 Pokemon which are out at the same time. And the battle flows in real time, everybody has a time bar, once it fills; you can do an action. The battle system is like the FF4-9.

This game doesn’t stick to a normal pokemon storyline. The game knows its a game. Coding and AI’s take a vital part of the game’s storyline. (some say I play a little too much MGS, I can’t disagree)

Finally the namesake of the game. You start off with an Eevee. Eevee will ALWAYS stay in your party. (so eevee + 3 other pokemon) to make up for this Eevee has the uncanny ability to shift forms. Entering a cave? Shift into a Vaporeon // Going to surf the high seas? Shift into a Jolteon. All of Eevee’s forms (yes, even the Glaceon and Leafeon) are in the game, though you can only transform into a few at first, your options increase as the game goes on.


Years ago The Creator created a world… A world filled with wonderful creatures.
The Creator created AI’s to oversee the world for him. Five sub AI’s, with one Master AI overseeing the world.
They are the forces that govern the world of pokemon.
With the world being managed by the AI’s.
He created a “4th Wall”. A wall that contains the game. A wall that was built so no extra code can go in the game…. or leak out.

The creator than left the game(him being the only thing that can open and close the 4th wall) He let the AI’s go oversee the world.

You are a normal 16 year old kid who lives in a normal town.
The local Professor would rather work on important research than give out free Pokemon.
So you go to the old man living in the woods, who was actually the previous professor, Oak.
He gives you a Eevee. But this Eevee is very special. It has a unique
DNA structure which allows it to change into any of it’s forms.

You’ve got an awesome form changing Eevee, and gotten your
first gym badge, life couldn’t be better in the pixelated world…

But when wondering through a forest, you get teleported to a strange place.

An entity called “M” talks to you. M is actually one of the AI’s that govern the world. she explains that a new generation is coming.
The pokemon count is increasing, the graphics are getting an overhaul.
but this time the Master AI wants all existing code to be destroied.
He claims he want’s a whole new world of pokemon. But obiously it goes deeper than that.

In one month the world will be wiped out.
In one month judgment day will start
In one month… you will have to be everyone’s savior.


~130 Pokemon. To keep in with the theme, and my laziness, only 130
Pokemon from gen 1 and 2.
-4 Pokemon per party.
-All Pokemon out in battle. Yeah. all 4 of your Pokemon vs
the enemy team
-Active Battle System. A la Final fantasy (well, most before X)
-Infinite Movelist. Pokemon can learn as much attacks as they want.
-DMs. Direct Machines. Each contain a move,
Like TMs but used in battle to do a one time attack,
regardless of what Pokemon uses it.
-Elementa Cards minigame
-ManMan Minigame
-Refining System.(like FF8) More on it below
-Super Eevee
-Trophies (if you have a Ps3/360 then you know this)
-Active Evolution. Enemy pokemon can now evolve mid battle making things more intense.
-Travel to the Code World; It’s where the AI’s reside. A dimention of graphical errors and odd stuff.

Rom infos
Author : DarkDoom3000
Play on : RMXP
Language: English


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