Pokemon Turquoise (GBA)

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Long, long ago, even before our history, there was once a great and powerful pokemon. It brought darkness wherever it stepped and ruled those it encountered with a tyrany unmatched. That dark era was a terrible time indeed, wars ravaged the land, the great pokemon of that time, legend even today, fought the dark force, but to no avail. Then, suddenly, it all stopped. The Dark Lord disappeared. Some say it was defeated by the legends, others say another pokemon, equally as powerful, but aligned to the light, ended its reign. No one knows for certain, only that if the dark one returns the wars shall begin anew and darkness shall once again cover the world.” – The Legend of Darkness, Library of Ideala.

You’re just starting out as a trainer. After being forced to run an errand by Professor Willow you’ve decided to take the gymleader challenge. But wait, it might not be so simple. There’s rumours that Giovanni’s back and badder than ever and this time he’s set his sights high indeed. Is this true? Is Team Rocket really back in action? What is it they’re after and does it have anything to do with the recent break-ins to museums and archeological sights accross the country? The Pokemon Council have already sent someone to investigate, but who knows what they’ll uncover. Being a Pokemon Trainer isn’t as easy as you thought…

Welcome to Pokemon Turquoise!


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