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Hello my name is Mitchel1 you may also know me as the maker of Pokemon Dark Cry and Pokemon Gengar’s revenge. And now I’m presenting My new hack, Pokémon Thunder Emblem.
With surprising new events,maps and scripts.I have more time to hack because I have spring break icon smile Pokemon Thunder Emblem (GBA) And the homework from my school has been decreased so I have even more time to work on my hack!.. ENJOY MY NEW HACK icon wink Pokemon Thunder Emblem (GBA)

After you have beaten the E4 you’d enough of POKéMON and you promised yourself to never take a step in the world of POKéMON again.
But then you heard on the news that they found new POKéMONs outside the Sinnoh Region!

But in the mean time the three emblem were active, the Fire Emblem the Aura Emblem and the Thunder Emblem. Because of this the three ledgendary dogs: Entei, Suicune and Raikou
has awaked. Team Rocket are hunting the three emblems to control the three dogs. But the haven’t had much sucess because the only emblem the have found was the Thunder Emblem. So Prof. Oak asked you to start your journey again,
to stop Team Rocket and to retrive the thunder emblem and the other two emblems. before Team Rocket control the powerful POKéMON: RAIKOU!

So you decided to start a new journey with another POKéMON. Not Bulbasaur or Charmander or Squirtle.You start with a Pikachu! And you start your journey with new Gymleaders, New POKéMON and new Maps!

-Catch Munchlax in the beginning it will help you further in the game.
-Stuck in Willsum city? Defeat first the team rocket grunts in Regran Valley after that you’re able to defeat the team rocket grunt at Willsum City.
-How to beat rotom? It’s not that easy I know that. To defeat Rotom, you must train your pikachu to lvl.14-15 and buy a lot of potions and always use ThunderShock. it doesn’t have alot of effect but it’s one of the ways to defeat it, another way is to catch a Delibird in IcyWind cave.
-How do i get my pokeballs?!, well it’s easy, just go to reborn plains and there prof. oak will handel over the pokedex and pokeballs.

features Pokemon Thunder Emblem (GBA)
*New hero/heroine: (Ash/Dawn)
*New and beter scripts
*Fake town’s
*Fake routes
*Harder then Fire Red
*Other story
*New tiles
*New palletes
*New gymleaders
*New pokemon from Sinnoh (4th grade)
*Back to the past
*Poke ride
*And a lot more ^^

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screenshots Pokemon Thunder Emblem (GBA)

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