Pokemon – The New Journey of Ash (Pokémon NJA) Game (RMXP)

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Pokemon – The New Journey of Ash (RMXP Game) was made by mattfriends with the help of Poccil’s starter kit. This game is based on Pokemon FR/LG + R/S + D/P + HG/SS story.

Ash, the boy at the Pallet Town. His life change after he recived Pikachu from Professor Oak and headed to route one. The mystery pokemon appeared! What is that pokemon? He was sent to the future of the three years later. He met Steven and other people. Can he find the way back to his present and be the Pokemon Master like he wanted?


  • TV
    Every pokemon game have TV. After you have seen people with camera talk to them. You might see yourself in the TV.
  • Clock
    This game use the time from the computer. You can see many events that use time. You can also see clocks in your room or somewhere else like pokemon center. These clocks are based on Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.
  • Mystery Dungeon
    The shape of the dungeon will change everytime you enter.
    It’s like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
  • Mystery Gifts and Community
    This features need internet access ability. This feature will be able to let you access after you play this game for a while. You can read news or receive gifts from the main game website.

Rom infos

  • Pokemon Hack Name: Pokemon – The New Journey of Ash (Pokémon NJA)
  • Author: mattfriends
  • Map: Kanto + Johto + Hoenn + Sinnoh
  • Language: English


video demos

Download Pokemon – The New Journey of Ash (Pokémon NJA) Game (RMXP)

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