Pokemon Stardrop (U) (GBA)

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A new hack game based on Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon Stardrop Version by Pokepal17, will make you feel interesting with many news things like new game map edit from Kanto region, your stronger Rivals, new Minigames in the game (ex: Digging Minigame…) and cool other events (ex: Bird Catching Contest ..)….The game is in English and now just in Alpha version.

Pokemon Stardrop Game Story is below here

Nothing is pure in this world. Each of us have a darker side locked away in our soul. Only one thing known to man is pure – the legendary Pokémon Suicune, one of the three legendary dogs. Born to this world with Entei and Raikou, Suicune has watched over the world since its creation, keeping the world’s harmony in balance. When mankind became corrupt, Suicune’s power purified their hearts. When powerful Pokémon tried to seize control of civilization, Suicune defeated them and locked them in hidden prisons for the rest of eternity.

Only a few humans have ever laid eyes on Suicune. Only one person has ever touched it. It’s beauty and radiance has driven the weak power hungry and insane. Legend has it that Suicune can turn fatal, filthy water into pure, drinkable water. If it is captured, Suicune’s power will turn its captors into gods. For the past few centuries, Suicune has been dormant along with Entei and Raikou because there has been little corruption in the world, until now…

Our story begins with a young child. They wake up and walk downstairs to find their father ecstatic about something. Their father, a world renouned professor on the three legendary dogs, believes he has finally located Suicune after 20 years of research. He gives his child an errand as he leaves to find Suicune. The child then leaves to run the errand, unaware that they are about to be pulled into the adventure of a lifetime…

Rom infos

  • Name of the hack game: Pokemon Stardrop
  • Language: English
  • Author of the game: Pokepal17
  • Original Games: Pokemon FireRed
  • Version: Alpha 2.0 (Not Completed)


video demos

Bird Catching Contest

Digging Minigame

Pokemon StarDrop Intro


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