Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)

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description Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
Version 4 is out! If you dont know by know, the game has some anti-piracy checking in it. It causes the game to freeze and not save properly. This patch comes with Rudolph’s anti-piracy, but it might not be perfect.

No$GBA users, if you have version 2.6 for No$GBA, set option NDS-Cartridge Backup Media to FLASH 512KBytes. Make sure you save options and restart the emulator afterwards. Also the following code helps with the black screens,use it as AR and RAW. It is Action Replay Codes, open No$GBA >> press F2 >> Add new, type this code , ok >> Check the right stick

020DD9E4 E1A00000
020D3820 E1A00000

Version 4 Progress:
Ability Names: 100% Complete
Ability Descriptions: 100% Complete
Attack Names: 100% Complete
Attack Descriptions 100% Complete
Battling Text: 100% Complete
Continue Screen: 100% Complete
Item Names: 100% Completed*
Menu: 100% Completed
New Game Text: 100% Completed
Options: 100% Completed
Party Window: 100% Completed
Pokemon Descriptions: 100% Completed
Pokemon Classifications: 100% Completed
Pokemon Summary Pages: 100% Completed
Trainer Card: 100% Completed**
Trainer Names: 100% Completed***
Trainer Types: 100% Completed
Vs Recorder: 100% Completed

Bag: ~95% Completed****
Bill’s PC: ~95% Completed****
Item Descriptions ~95% Completed
Locations: ~85% Completed
Pal Pad ~90% Completed
Saving: ~95% Completed****
Wi-Fi Menus: ~95% Completed
Wi-Fi Trading: ~95% Completed
Wi-Fi Plaza: ~75% Completed
Apricorn Case ~50 Completed

Pokemart Text: 0% Completed
Pokedex Interface: 0% Completed
and more to be annouced.

*Some Item names maybe incorrectly translated, if so please report it.
**Everything is in English text wise, bust there are some Japanese symbols that are part of the trainer card graphic.
*** There is a limit of 7 characters for trainer names, with this, Leader Lt. Surge and Rocket Boss Giovanni had their names shortened to LtSurge and Giovani.
****Everything seems to be in English, except for the YES and NO buttons, I think they are graphics and not text.

rominfo Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
Translation: Kazo’s Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Translation

screenshots Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss44 Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss43 Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss42 Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss41 Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)

download Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)
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Download Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 4 (J) (Nintendo DS)


  1. Natalia says

    The download wont start no matter whart I try – the page just wont reply to request of download… Why is that?.. :/ I really want to play this game with english patch…

  2. Fanio says

    i see its a ggod game whit a good english patched but the game is not working this is for the makers of Poke-mega:”You must fix the game!!!” becose this game is the best of all pokemon heart gold and soul silver games i have found.

  3. Kyle says

    Hi, the download link doesn’t work, when i click download it just says “Starting download” and it doesn’t do anything.

  4. shadow86 says

    darn it the game still crashes on NO$GBA :(. can’t even go far on the game without the game crashing.

  5. Kyle says

    Mine gets black screen just after i named my character and the codes don’t help at all

  6. FaBio says

    now it work the download if you click on download it dosent work but the “Mirror Link” is working perfectly

  7. Natalia says

    Downloaded from Hotfile; Mediafire still not working for some reason. Cant wait till further translation; so far the game is still unplayable because no quest dialogues are translated – plain have no idea what NPCs told me, thus cant play it other than just walking around New Bark town. I hope they will be translated?..

  8. says

    how do i get the patch 4 to work on patch 2.5 >> just change name of this rom to name of rom v2.5 , and you can load save of v2.5

  9. himan says

    THIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. himan says

    It don’t freeze on my flashcart M3 Sakura AND IS in english! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  11. paul says

    the translation is really not needed. what is more important is you fix the black screen and freeze. hope you fix it on ver 5

  12. connor says

    it works perfectly on mine but i dnt want to get tht far coz wen i get the europe version i will hav 2 start it agen nd will you be makin the acrual text in english or can u not do tht coz i cnt read japanese lol

  13. Shady says

    Oo text is still not english… only the intro…then i have japanese again -.-
    but i can save ^^ that’s great xD

  14. andy says

    hey when u download it do u just add it to the r4 files and play on ur ds? or is it only for the computer?

  15. Katt says

    Hey listen I need help, I havent yet tried to play the game, but I was shitting it with the Japanese thing so I figured Id get the patch, but reading all you’re comments is making me think why bother cos I dont know how to do it so can someone talk me through, I got an R4DS disk 2, so help pleasE? x


  16. lol? says

    lol. . . i patched over it with my existing patches so then it might be actually 100% english
    because my patches i have are 100% save menu, continue, pal pad, bag (but item description not full 99%),
    and bill’s pc (in certain pokémon centers. . . )

  17. Binski says

    look hikaruanh, can you please explain to us how to fix the black screen?? several people have come forth with this problem, or anyone else.. the people who it does work for what emulator are you using?? and yes i have entered the code correctly and tried some variations but it doesnt work.

  18. Binski says

    very sorry author, im a complete twat and just realised i didnt activate the cheat by ticking the box next to it.. im such a noob… if anyone else has the same problem your as stupid as i am… hang your head low… (great patch btw! thank you very much =D )

  19. Chenkari says

    Wow, .LUCKY, you can’t even spell Japanese.

    Nice job on this anyways, the last one I had said it had a patch, but only had like, 3-5 words translated per sentance.

  20. says

    Patch works good , You need to enter the code right lol yep and i too had the same problems just did not get it , All sorted now tho thanks for the help and fix guys.

  21. Pokemaster says

    Awesome!!! though i used NO$Zoomer and it crashed for me on the way to the first badge town….also will there be a patch 5?????

  22. GOONER1991 says

    Hey everyone, on M3 DS Real carts, all the POKEMON Soul Silver roms crash when you try to save in game. In order to fix this, you must download and install the M3 Sakura firmware.

    Again, this works on M3 Sakura firmware.


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