Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 2.5b (J) (Nintendo DS)

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Correct arm7.bin file in the HGE_P/SSE_P patch. (juggling 6 patches makes you do dumb things.) Fixed No$GBA save freeze, if you already downloaded 2.5, please do it again.

Version 2.5b Progress:

Ability Names: 100% Complete
Ability Descriptions: 100% Complete
Attack Names: 100% Complete
Attack Descriptions 100% Complete
Battling Text: 100% Complete
Continue Screen: 100% Complete
Options: 100% Completed
Pokemon Descriptions: 100% Completed
Pokemon Classifications: 100% Completed
Pokemon Summary Pages: 100% Completed

Bag: ~75% Completed
Bill’s PC: ~95% Completed
Item Names: ~90% Completed
Item Descriptions ~90% Completed
Locations: ~85% Completed
Menu: ~90% Completed
Party Window: ~95% Completed
Saving: ~70% Completed

Pokemart Text: 0% Completed
Pokedex Interface: 0% Completed
New Game Text: 0% Completed
Trainer Card: 0% Completed
Trainer Names: 0% Completed
Trainer Types: 0% Completed
Vs Recorder: 0% Completed
Wi-Fi Menu: 0% Completed

There is a list of random messages from things like nurse joy, your mom, fishing, egg hatching, and pokemon evolving text. I really do not feel like listing it all.

There is a total of 8 patches, 4 for Heart Gold, and 4 for Soul Silver. One of them is a clean translation, the second is a translation with a modified arm7.bin for saving and freezing bugs, the third usese the freeeze patch from V1, and the last is one for No$GBA.


Download Pokemon Soul Silver English Patched 2.5b (J) (Nintendo DS)

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