Pokemon: Shattered Dreams (GBA)

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14 years ago, a group fronted by a powerful Pokemon trainer, known as The Syndicate wreaked havoc in the region of Akito. The goals of this organization are unclear, but the group was rumored to have been working with Mewtwo, an evil, man-made Pokemon. Before The Syndicate was disbanded Mewtwo was attacked and locked away by the power of Jirachi and her protectors, Latios & Latias. The power to Mewtwo’s release was a locked away inside Jirachi, the only Pokemon pure of heart with enough power, and she was sent to an eternal slumber, a small price to pay for peace.

Now 14 years later, you [player] are among the top 25 trainers in the world. An orphan since age 2, you live with your grandparents and attent Kai Global Academy, one of the most prestigious Pokemon schools around. You set out to challenge the gyms of Akito and work your way up to number one. However after a dark family secret is revealed, your motives and ultimately your life is changed. What’s more there have been rumored sightings of men and women in white, running amuck in the town. Could it be that The Syndicate has returned? And if so what plans do they have for Akito? Find out in Pokemon Shattered Dreams!

Rom infos
Name of the hack: Pokemon: Shattered Dreams
Hack of: Pokemon FireRed Version
Language: English – US

Brand New Plot
Superb Scripting!
Color Coded Text
Sub Gym Leaders
Tournament Style Pokemon League
New Items
New Tiles & Pallete
Running Indoors!
Customer Appreciation (Pokemarts)
Custom & Revised Techniques
New ways to work evolutions
The use of a Cell Phone
*New* Mini Game/Sidequest (100% Optional But still worth doing)
*New* Purchase of berries!
*New* Scaling Mountains!
*New* New Field Mechanics (Headbutting Trees, Berry Harvesting, Weather Amplifying ect.)
*New* Weather Spots!! (Weather changes mid game…or you can optionally change the weather)


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