Pokemon Pure Gold (GBA)

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The Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal Versions were the popular second generation games from Nintendo, they inspired this hack. I’ve always wanted a G/S/C remake on the third generation of the Gameboy Advance console and with the Fire Red & Leaf Green graphic set.

With this, you will wake up one day and find your neighbour Professor Elm looking for you. Upon visiting him, you get a request to visit his acquaintance and your very own Pokémon as you have always dreamed of having. After visiting Mr. Pokémon, you decide to embark on your own adventure and a quest to complete the PokéDex that Professor Oak just gave.

Along the way, you’ll face tough challenges, meet friends & foes, discover secrets, make legend and most importantly – have fun. Do you have what it takes?

Rom infos

Name: Pokémon Pure Gold
Code Base: Pokémon Ruby Version [AXVE]
Author: ZodiacDaGreat
Website: Here
Major Helpers: HackMew, Mastermind_X & Interdpth
Language: English

~Brushing or Polishing up for a beta release~

Programs Used

  • AdvanceMap
  • Advance Palette Editor
  • A-Trainer
  • Assembler from DevkitARM
  • Door Manager
  • Hex Workshop
  • Item Manager
  • Lips IPS Patcher
  • Overworld Editor – Rebirth Edition
  • Trader Advanced
  • Tileset Manager
  • unLZ.GBA Hacked Version
  • VisualBoyAdvance
  • VisualBoyAdvance Debugger
  • VisualBoyAdvance Hacker’s Editon
  • eXtreme Script Editor

Since I’ve used Pokémon Ruby Version as base, there’s a lot of lackings. To overcome this and to make sure that certain features are possible, I’ve resort to ASM hacking – hacking of the game’s original code, one way or another to accomplish what I intend to do. In the future, there will be more and more ASM hacks applied which will contribute to the success of this hack as a remake. My sincere thanks goes the people who’ve taught me the GBA assembly language.

Fire Red & Leaf Green Graphics
Although the base game is Ruby version, the graphics of it in plain words is that it sucks 😛 A lot of modification has been done to the tilesets, backgrounds, textboxes and so on. In the future there’ll be even more

Time Events
It is known that Ruby version has a Real Time Clock (RTC) but it wasn’t really used to the full extent, in this hack it will be misused – badly. There you have it: Day Night System[Morning, Day, Afternoon, Evening, and Night], Apricorn & Berry System, Seasons and other timed events will unfold.

Classic Tunes
The classics that you loved from G/S/C is back. There will also be different tunes for the different time periods, just be sure not to doze off to sleep..

Most of the other features of the G/S/C will be implemented if possible, this is all thanks to ASM work eg. Ruins of Alph puzzles, Phone call system, Clothes System, Money Savings, National Dex… There’s just too many to name.

With all these features, all I can say is Ruby has been hacked extensively lol

video demos

Download Pokemon Pure Gold (GBA)

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