Pokemon Pikachu Edition 2009 (GBC) (U)

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There is no specific story so it’s same as in pokemon crystal. Also there are no new scripts but there are still major changes.

Rom infos

The name of the hack: Pokemon Pikachu Edition
Hack of: Pokemon

-I highly recommend that you play this on computer with +500% speed since it’s very difficult to beat this game without using VBA
-You’ve to go through Dark Cave in the beginning of the game
-You’ve to pick up bicycle in Goldenrod bikeshop
-You can never get to Violet PC !!!

Pikachu has 3 evolutions !
You can catch all pokemon expect: Mew, Mewtwo, Togepi and Togetic, Cleffa and Igglybuff – If you want them you’ve to trade
New trainers
New looking areas (names will remain but areas are a lot different)
New tiles
New sprites
20 new TMs !

Pokemon that normally can’t learn for example HM Cut or Fly can learn it now (for instance Heracross and Magnemite can learn fly and Meowth and Nidoran can learn Cut, also some fire-type pokemon can learn Flash now).

Nearly all pokemon have their stats and types as in normal crystal (expect Stats changed: Smeargle, Magikarp, Pichu (+ Teddiursa and Phanpy are a little stronger) –> Types changed: Charizard, Aerodactyl and Gyarados (they’re now part Dragon instead of Flying)
Every pokemon needs higher level to evolve since you get high level pokemon soon as in my other hacks too. Also pokemon like Machoke, Kadabra, Graveler and Onix are able to evolve now without trading.


  • Slowpoke evolves with Water Stone into Slowbro but Slowking is a lot more powerful than Slowbro and you can get Slowking by leveling up Slowpoke to certain level and it will evolve – Poliwhirl evolves exactly the same way
  • Pikachu has 3 evolution forms (Pikachu –> Raichu –> X ?)
  • Power Plant can be found by going through Mt. Moon to another direction than the one which leads to Cerulean City
  • Brock can be battled in Johto (you can get to him from Blackthorn City)



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