Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)

ppvlogo Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)

Player starts out on their adventure following their overly-hyper childhood friend. In what starts out as just another innocent adventure the player soon finds them self fighting for the fate of the world against the evil Team Galactic in an effort to stop their power lust as they try to control the great Giratina.

features Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)

  • All 493 Pokemon are available!
  • 4 major events accessible, allowing you access to 4 D/P Legendaries!


  • I have included every Pokemon scattered throughout the Sinnoh Region. Unfortunately, due to lack of scripting tools at this time many previous (pre-D/P/P) legendaries can be encountered randomly (most if not all are level 70+).
  • I did my best to keep the Sinnoh dex somewhat accurate, but any Pokemon that is not in Platinum will not appear in the Pokedex. I apologize for any inconvienence but we just don’t have the tools to edit the Pokedex at this time.
  • I have edited every trade evolution! Normal Trade Evolutions should evolve at level 40. Item trade evolutions now evolve holding the trade item on level up in the daytime.
  • 4 event items are available through in-game trades. Allowing access to event legendaries. (Be sure to remove the items from the pokemon once the trade is completed!)
  • The Stopwatch and Alarm Clock Pokétch Apps can be acquired from the Pokétch President once you have 7 Gym Badges.
  • Challenger’s Edition has progressively increasing difficulty for experienced trainer’s.
  • Newest releases include patching program and your choice of patching methods.
  • Patch should now be Linux compatible!
  • I’ve included mirrors in case of server failure.


Any versions beyond this point will now be known as Perfect Platinum Extended as we have completed what was my primary goal, to make a complete version of the original Platinum.

rominfo Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)

Hack of: Pokemon Platinum
By: RolandHazoto

Special Thanks:
Mushen – Without him, you may have never seen this release!
SCV – For all his patience with me! (And the extra help you gave us at the end!)

screenshots Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
pp1d Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
pp2y Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
pp3j Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
pp4 Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
pp5p Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
pp6d Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)

download Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)
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Download Pokemon Perfect Platinum (U) (Nintendo DS)


  1. Pit. says

    Grat job! Thanks a lot, I love the idea of a whole game with every pokemon and specialy the fact that you can evolve them without trading. Really good work! I hope there´s any chance of doing this on the pokemon ss and hg.

  2. youitan says

    u sayd u had problems whit the poke dex. u can ask how the maker of bloody platinium did it.
    just google: bloody platinium.

  3. Flamer says

    i dont get the point of it…… its exactly like pokemon platinum… no graphical changes.. lame hack. sorry.. no offense

  4. arjay says

    hey…why s the time not updating with my real clock in the pc…? so absurd…how lame!

  5. déds says

    hey what is diferent in this game
    i can catch legendaries pokemon in the fild

  6. lol says

    So , if you dont like this hack then you dont know how much time it takes to make an hacked version of any game … Try to make an hacked version of Minesweper … it takes you min. 5 days , and thet would be only minesweper , this is Pokemon – platinum hack … try to hack this if u think this is lame , then i would see your hack of pokemon platinum , or any other game! i would LOL …!!!!!

  7. bledoglaviq says

    you guys are the best!!! this is the best hack game ever but….. it would be even cooler if the legendaries are all in 1 place like round 224

  8. bledoglaviq says

    dude i hope you can try to fix the SS and the HG i played every pkmn game so pls help all pkmn game fans and try to fix the games it keeps getting fatal errors pls pls pls try to fix it

  9. jthesage says

    wtf is wrong u people lol is correct a hack takes a long time ive been working on my pokemon platinum hack for 2 months im trying to make orange islands itz fucking hard and for all u retards who think itz easy email me ur hack at destinydamblu@yahoo.com

  10. Looks good says

    Well done guys, looks really good. Bloody platinum seemed way overdone to me (kinda feels like changing the whole game, and I wanna keep playing a Nintendo’s game), yours seem like the perfect touch.

    Gonna give it a go, will post further praising. =D

  11. Looks good says


    I don’t think I ever enjoyed Pokemon as much. First, the game is a lot more challenging, which is a major upgrade from the normal game (when I first saw Rhydons where they shouldn’t be, I nearly shat myself), caves and trainer battles are much more fun and challenging. I actually had to teach ‘Rock Smash’ to my Chimchar so he could handle it (I normally never teach that to a Pokemon who isn’t an HM slave). Second, I FUCKING LOVE SANDSLASH!!! I missed the dude so much. The tons of Pokemon everywhere is simply awesome, I’m constantly running out of Pokeballs and above all, the beginning of the game feels less “forced” in the normal way that you first have to train ugly average critters you couldn’t care much about before actually advancing to the more fun ones. You simply start out with what you like (go Growlithe!) out of the big variety.

    Amazing job you guys, this is how Pokemon should be played. Well done, you hit it right on the spot! =D

  12. pathetic says

    i got a member card via in-game trade and the thing is i can’t enter the canalave inn…how do i activate dakrai event after i got the member card?

  13. Geebol! says

    Just thought you should know, Gible is missing of Wayward Cave, secret area. Spent approximately 5,000 steps in there, met many Onix’s (who have the same rarity) but couldn’t find Gible.

    Love what you did to the game in general. ;)

  14. jaafzee says

    the idea is perfect man but the Pokemon that are not from the original platinum don’t show up in the pokedex and the 4th generation dont appear much,oh and that area were you can catch the starter pokemon , i have seen all of them exept tododile but if u fix that and the pokedex it will be perfect.

  15. adasdasd says

    Son of a bitch, the worst hack i have ever seen, very useless! go fuck ur mom bcos u r good only in that! never make a hack ever again Filthy asshole!

  16. Emerald says

    hey! Can anyone tell me how to migrate pokemons from visual boys advance to No@GBA. Thanks

  17. Aayush says

    Cool lol You are the best. That is the awesomest patch ever. THANX :):):):):)

  18. mr m says

    nice hack mate! ;)

    but i need a walkthrough for where to find the specific pokemons.

    thanks in advance and cheers 2010! lol

  19. pokémon says

    I’d love to try it but with all these comments, sounds fun and boring….

  20. John Steel says

    What I would LOVE to know is if I can still trade with official versions using my DS. Thanks if my question is answered.

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