Pokemon Pearla (GBA)

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I’m trying to recreating Pokémon Pearl with the name of Pokémon Perla the italian version. I’ve used Pokémon Ruby english version but i can change if this rom gives me problems. However at the moment I have recreated Futaba Town, Route 201, The Lake, Route 202, Masago Town. Route 201 and Route 202 names are Percorso 201 e Percorso 202.

You are a boy/girl who must choose a Pokémon from a bag found from Prof. Nanakamado that has been attacked from a starly (mukkuro). You must save him using a Piplup, a chimchar or a turtwig. After started your adventure catching 4th generation Pokémon, defeating new gym leader,fighting against the team galaxy and much more.

Rom infos
Hack Name: Pokémon Perla (Pearl)
Hack of: Pokémon Ruby

* New Graphics
* New Tiles (thanks to Green Charizard for some Tiles…)
* New Scripts
* New Region (Sinnoh)
* New Sprites from D/P
* New D/P overworld


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