Pokemon Never Black & White Rom (GBA)

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Did you like Ruby version?. I hate this version, well now I hate it, so… why not a new Region?, with a new story line, new graphics, new things, events and scripts, missions, with mystery towns… Anyways, I’ve an objetive… give you a bit of fun!!

STORY: (No, you haven’t to rescue your girlfriend of Dalkiamon, or something like that…)
Well, basically everything in the story is a big mystery. Then so, Ican’t tell you more…
Just donwload the first beta, remember your past and make your own destiny

Well maybe in the future I will explain more of the argument…

Rom infos

Hack Name: POKéMON NEVER Black & White
A little of basic information: Base ROM: Ruby
Hack creator: SkOria (Joel Ricci)
Language: Engilish

New graphics (3D style)
New world… NEVERMIND
New characters (Some friends, some rivals, and unknown people behind of you)
New events
Mysteries and riddles
A developed story before the first generation (POKéMON R/B) around 1980



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