Pokemon Naranja (GBA)

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Well the history… the same that in the anime, after the Indigo League, Oak has a mission for you: Receive the GS-Ball from the Professora Ivy in the Orange (Naranja) Archipielago. But when you reach those wondederful islands you will want to keep for training.
The adventure has just begin…

Rom infos
Name: Pokemon Naranja (pkOrange)
Base: Ruby_USA
Players: Boy: Ash – Girl: Misty
Language: Spanish (original) & English (translated)
Credits: The Misty overworld was drawn by Kyledove


  • New region: The Orange Islands
  • Pokemon from Kanto, Jhoto and Hoenn
  • The five 4th generation pokemon
  • + two fake preevolutions + two new Unown
  • History from the 2nd league episodes (OI)
  • Higher level and more 2vs2 battle

In the Orange Islands there are a little diference: the Pokémon from the Continent (Jhoto y Kanto) have different colours than the OI Pokémon…
…so in the OI you can see a lot of Tropical Pokémon with extrange colours.

By example, look the bizarre Vileplume of the right, based in the anime.

Other differences include that you, the protagonist, could answer to the others NPC, writed in blue in the game.

And you will depend more of your Pokémon, so there will be adventures in which you will need your pokemon attacks. For climb rocks, freeze geysers, even discover secrets…



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