Pokemon Mithril Version (U) (RMXP)

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Welcome to the world of Pokemon. You are a new trainer in the world of Pokemon the region of (insert name here). You will be exploring the world. Fighting Pokemon. and you will solve mysteries of the Pokemon world in this brand new game.You will also battle the evil team rocket, and their leader Giovanni.

Giovanni has captured the one and only legendary Mew with his improved version of a master ball, by the name of RM Ball. The master ball was never able to capture Mew, But with the new RM Ball mew was captured. But when Giovanni let out Mew from the RM Ball Mew escaped. One flaw in his RM Ball is that the Pokemon were able to escape and weren’t owned by him at all even though he caught them. Now Mew has run off and Giovanni is trying to capture Mew once and for all.

But them somehow (you will find out in the game) Prof. Oak ended up getting Mew and decided to let his new rookie trainer take care of it. He wanted to see Mew’s power.
Then you go on a far and (not so) long journey to the Pokemon Training school, where you encounter the first gym leader!
When you come back to Moonfall town (TO BE CONTINUED)

Now YOU (yes you) are to take care of Mew (and Mew actually follows you and responds when you talk to it).


  • Pokemon D/P/P Tiles 100%
  • Pokemon follow me 100%
  • Mystery Island (A mystery gift Island) 0%
  • Touch screen and dual screen! 100%
  • HG/SS Tiles 100%

Rom infos

  • Hack Name: Pokemon Mithril
  • Author: ayevdayev
  • Language: English


video demos

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