Pokemon Liquid Crystal (GBA)

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Hey, I’m Linkandzelda, you’ve probably either heard very little about me or nothing at all… Well anyways, I’ve been working on this project since march 07. It’s a remake of crystal but yet adds a new experience to it.

I’m not trying to copy zel so don’t attempt to spam the thread with posts aimed at remakes or myself. I’m a determined guy so I won’t give this hack up. My strong point is scripting and you’ll see some interesting ones in Pokémon Liquid Crystal. Well Hope you enjoy my hack :)

Rom infos
This is a Hack of Fire red
And is called “Liquid Crystal”
Owner: Linkandzelda
Co-Owner: Synyster_Zeikku


  • This obviously wont be a 100% accurate remake, it will have differences.
  • New Rivals and other extra battles.
  • A new berry system, allowing people to grow their own berries.
  • New places and area’s to roam and discover.
  • New music.
  • Johto worldmap
  • Travel to the Orange Islands


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