Pokemon Jasper (GBA)

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Pokemon Jasper is a fangame by weavile96 and will have a new region and new gym leaders. More to come as it is still developing.

The region of Pokemon Jasper is called “Truss”. There will probably be 16+ cities.

You are a 12 year old boy/girl in the beautiful region of Truss. You are excited because today your are going to get your very first Pokemon! You get out of bed and talk to your mom. She says she is sad that you are going to leave but escorts you to the next town so you can go to the professor’s lab, then she leaves. You enter the lab and the proffesor greets you and says she’s been expecting you. She gives you a choice of three Pokemon. CERATHORN, the grass starter, PIGNITE, the fire starter, and GUPPO, the water starter. After you choose you starter she gives you a Poke’dex, 1 potion, and 5 Poke’ Balls. You are ready to leave when a citizen from the town says some people with black clothes are looking for the professor. The professor, the citizen, and you then go outside. When you get outside the professor go’s to the people in black. She talks to them and suddenly the people create a circle around her! They say to the people of the town they need her for a project and suddenly you step up and oppose them. A grunt steps forward and fights you. After you win, the people in black reveal themselves as Team Rocket! Then they run away with the professor! Then a boy/girl (the character who you didn’t choose) comes to the cluster of people and asks for the professor. The professor’s assistant takes him/her to the lab to give them a Pokemon (the one that is super effective against yours). After you try to go back home, the person that got a starter ask to battle with you. After the battle, they say you’ll meet again. Then you begin your long quest to become a champion and rescue the professor…

The evil in this game will be Team Rocket! (I’m not copying Acanthite as I have had this idea since Ruby/Sapphire.) Yes you heard me they are returning worse than ever! They have a bigger goal this time and they think third times the charm! Anyway they have a new leader and new executives.

Matilda- is a young woman who is the new leader of Team Rocket and also Marley’s older sister bent on ruling the world. But first she wants to use the power of the legendary Balance Pokemon to put the world under her control. Will you be able to defeat her?

Nate and Kate- are the youngest of the Rocket executives. They are twins and love to double battle. They are hard to defeat because of their great cooperation.

Jameson- is the no worries type of guy. He breezes through fights and takes them lightly. He is the second best of the executives and challenging.

Vincent- is the strongest of the executives and won’t let anyone interfere with Team Rocket’s plans.

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