Pokemon Hoenn White 2 Version (U) (Nintendo DS) ROM

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Pokemon Hoenn White 2 is really amazing Game ROM in English. You can feel interesting when you play it. Pokemon Hoenn White 2 brings you an experience never seen before on a released ROM hack of Pokemon Black/White 2. Featuring an updated Hoenn Pokedex and a unique Hoenn Soundtrack inserted into the game, Pokemon Hoenn White 2 may be the closest thing to a ‘R/S/E remake’ at the current moment. This is NOT in Hoenn and never will be.

Rom infos
Hacked from Pokemon White 2 ROM
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.0 (Beta 1.0 is playable up to Route 5. Do not go past the Drawbridge)
Author: Drayano60
Year: 2013

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Download Pokemon Hoenn White 2 Version (U) (Nintendo DS) ROM

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