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pokemon heroes Pokemon Heroes (GBA)

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The Heroes, many are more than myths, just stories that go from mouth to mouth. Most of these are among us as normal people do not excel in anything else, but that is behind these people who do not care more for the sake of others, history how these heroes are forged, this is the best part of the legend. Travelling to a new region and’re heading as a coach (a) normal pokemon journey at least that’s what I think, will not be easy to make the league championship but are willing to do anything to achieve it will be many who are willing prubeas struggling to make increasingly DEVES but never give up, for your dever is to become a Pokemon master, or at least that’s what you think love.

Live the adventures of Hiro in the region.

* Events that occur depending on the day
* People who will help and will return the favor
* Single or double battles, free choice
* And much more

rominfo Pokemon Heroes (GBA)
Hack: Pokémon Heroes
Hacker: Charlesteam
Base: Ruby
Region: Hiro
Idioma: es Español
Estado: Progresando

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pokemonheroes Pokemon Heroes (GBA)

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