Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)

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description Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 is out. I have patched Version 6 patch to Pokemon Heart Gold. Just download and play it with Desmume

View PokéSav HeartGold/SoulSilver English v0.03! download (fix save, cheat for Pokemon HG/SS)

Version 6 details.
The Pokemart’s sells men should now be mostly in english.
There have been many fixes to some of the item names and descriptions.
The Fly screen has been translated.

And for No$GBA users, if you have version 2.6 for No$GBA, set option NDS-Cartridge Backup Media to FLASH 512KBytes. Make sure you save options and restart the emulator afterwards. Also the following code helps with the black screens, use it as AR and RAW.
It is Action Replay Codes, open No$GBA >> press F2 >> Add new, type this code , ok >> Check the right stick

020DD9E4 E1A00000

Version 6 Progress:
Ability Names: 100% Complete
Ability Descriptions: 100% Complete
Attack Names: 100% Complete
Attack Descriptions 100% Complete
Bag: 100% Completed
Battling Text: 100% Complete
Bill’s PC: 100% Completed
Continue Screen: 100% Complete
Item Names: 100% Completed*
Menu: 100% Completed
New Game Text: 100% Completed
Options: 100% Completed
Party Window: 100% Completed
Pokemon Descriptions: 100% Completed
Pokemon Classifications: 100% Completed
Pokemon Summary Pages: 100% Completed
Saving: 100% Completed
Trainer Card: 100% Completed**
Trainer Names: 100% Completed***
Trainer Types: 100% Completed
Vs Recorder: 100% Completed

Apricorn Case ~50 Completed
Item Descriptions ~95% Completed
Locations: ~85% Completed
Pal Pad ~90% Completed
Pokemart Text: ~90% Completed
Wi-Fi Menus: ~95% Completed
Wi-Fi Trading: ~95% Completed
Wi-Fi Plaza: ~75% Completed

Pokedex Interface: 0% Completed
and more to be announced.

Dialog Translation Progress: All major events up to the First Gym have been translated****

He is not going to be doing anymore dialog translations, It just seems like too much work for nothing.

Pokemon type completed
YES/NO button completed
statuses semi-completed
logo completed
Wi-Fi WIN/LOSE/DRAW completed

*Some Item names maybe incorrectly translated, if so please report it.
**Everything is in English text wise, but there are some Japanese symbols that are part of the trainer card graphic.
***here is a limit of 7 characters for trainer names, with this, Leader Lt. Surge and Rocket Boss Giovanni had their names shortened to LtSurge and Giovani.
****Dialog translation may not be entirely accurate.

rominfo Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
Translation: Kazo’s Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Translation

screenshots Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hg6 Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss44 Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss43 Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss42 Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
hgss41 Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)

download Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)
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Download Pokemon Heart Gold English Patched 6 (J) (Nintendo DS)


  1. Jay says

    Can’t wait till this is fully completed. I will have the game which is close to the real English version which is due to release in 2010 spring. Go Pokemon

  2. raroriuo says

    make patch 7 and 8 please i want it to be fully english everything in english

  3. Thtyrasd says

    i got a freeze using desmume 0.9.4, in second fight on the ECRUTEAK GYM.
    i got it only in this version.

  4. movx says

    i can’t play either heart gold or soul silver after i write my name and i become small my screen becomes black and stays like that. I tried many emulators and i don’t know what to do to it, please help..

  5. says

    thanks, but is there going to be v7 or v8 because i’d like it to have it all translated to english ??? please answer soon B-)

  6. PikaPunk says

    how do you go about entering it in cause I have the code and on top of that mine keeps fatal erroring….what do I need to do?

  7. says

    thanks but i really need it all translated to english and i really don’t want to wait all that time to play the english version

  8. says

    thnks but dont u have a pokemon heart gold and soul silver all translated to english?? i reeeeaaaaallly am waiting for and i’d be so grateful if u could get one answer soon please!

  9. says

    @all: it is just a patched rom. So it can have some crash and freeze. In oder not to lose your game, you should save game every ten minutes and before battle.

    For all English rom, you must wait unitl April 2010 and have E version

  10. Andrew says

    I have desmume and I downloaded roms and this patch. The emulator looks like it is in another language and it won’t load the game. I use winzip and bitzipper to download. Help please!

  11. maico says

    erhm i save it but if my rom crashes i have to restart anyway whut do i do wrong???

  12. Repleh says

    The person who released this has stopped working on it, so there wont be a patch v7, although other people are still working on full game translations. Look up magnius’s translation for soulsilver.

  13. Aimee says

    :O *gasp* It is not a lot of work for nothing! T~T Myself and many others would be so happy to have the story patched. If the creator/patcher-dude reads this then you’ve done a great job so far! We all love your work and beg you to continue xD

  14. Zhane13 says

    i normal to be crashed ~”~ u should u desume emulator if the crashing thing keep happen

  15. MidoriIce says

    it crashes every time I play as soon as I get in a battle T.T
    I have no idea what I’m doing all this emulator stuff is so confusing. I just want to play pokemon with some idea of what I’m doing

  16. Simon Rose says

    is there a chance you could make a version 7, where the text on the pokegears phone is in english please

  17. vien says

    hey the game was perfect running but when i use the AR code that u told the game will lag

  18. jensos says

    lolz nice patch :) to bad that if you play Pokémon in my country they will call you “litlle child”or something :S

  19. PokemonSilverSoulWizard says

    I have fully completed it in japaness and i am downloading it now when will v7 be out?

  20. AllPokemonMustDie says

    I hated pokemon heart gold and silver soul there a waste of time its just a crap new pokemon game.

  21. PacMo says

    i have downladed both heart gold and soul silver but both turn black after i finish putting the name and when the bg size character minize to start the game but it always black and only the sound comes out so what hould do. help please anyone.

  22. pokefan|1 says

    great rom too bad im allways getting told too stop bein a kid cos i like pokemon
    but im a die hard pokemon fan yay xD

  23. hatake kakashi says

    can u post pokemonXD? I love to play that on emulator. Please!!
    Thank you very much
    Hope u post it on
    thank you

  24. tyan says

    any body know.. how i can get game pokemon computer ..any body sell or can you tell me were i can get it ..please..
    long time i cant //..to looking this game..game pokemon..please..help me..

  25. says

    the version the heart gold and soul silver arrived in 23/04/2010
    very hard my patient is fast not slow the game arrived this date ——> =[

  26. Krishna Pathak says

    Thanks. It worked seamlessly in DeSmuME 0.9.5 x86. No action replay codes needed..

    Just one problem – its slow as hell after the post-gameplay (After entering your name and everything)
    VERY VERY slow..

  27. Kakashi says

    I just downloaded the rom and I’m trying to get it to open it keeps asking for a code. I put the 020DD9E4 E1A00000 code in and it keeps saying that it the wrong password. So just wondering where to go from here. Or did I put in the wrong code?

  28. arcarpclews says

    Hello all! I like this forum, i set up multifarious inviting people on this forum.!!!

    Great Community, regard all!


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