Pokemon Hack (U) (GBA)

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Pokemon Hack is a hack version of Pokemon FireRed. You can think the name of this game is “Pokemon Hack”. Not like original version, in this game, you will have starters Growlithe when you are male or Vulpix when you are female.

The story is below

On the day of your birth, mythological Pokemon from around the globe showed themselves and wrought havoc upon this region! The legendary Pokemon were stopped by the regions law enforcement. Then, after the One Judge and his disciples had stopped the legendary Pokemon, the power went to his head
and he decided that he should rule over the entire region. Now, sixteen years later, you become a Pokemon trainer and thrown into a world opposed. Press the A Button, and let your adventure begin!

Rom infos
Pokemon Hack Name: Pokemon Hack (now at Alpha 1)
Hack of Pokemon FireRed
Hacker: AimayBee


video demos

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