Pokemon Galaxy Elements Version (U) (Nintendo GBA)

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Pokemon Galaxy Elements is a hack version of Pokemon Ruby (U). The main region now is Latrobe Region. The Language in game is English.

Gameplay/ Story Line
Welcome to the Latrobe Region!
Home to many mysteries and great legends.
None more mysterious then the treacherous Mt. Baw Baw..
Will the power of truth and ideals reign once more..
Can one child be the key to saving the world?
When the world is in its final moments..

Where will you be?

It is said in Latrobe mythology that there once lived three Pokemon who represented the three elements of Fire, Water and Electricity.
They raged war against each other for many years destroying much of the Latrobe Region, untill one day a child rose from the shadows with Reshiram the Pokemon of truth.
They battled hard atop Mt. Baw Baw but were not strong enough to defeat the trio, all hope was lost..
Little did they know that the legendary Dark Stone resides somewhere hidden in the region.
That same Dark Stone is rumored to still be in the Latrobe Region somewhere..

Present Day:
Mt. Baw Baw, the tallest mountain in all the Latrobe Region..
Three figures stand at the peak above the clouds..
Cyrus, the obvious leader of the other two, calls fourth the Legendary beast of truth.
The mountain starts to shake with tremendous force, sending rumbles all across the region.

You are a young innocent 16 year old male/female with a dream of the becoming the regions greatest Pokemon Trainer.
You reside in Traralgon, the heart of the Latrobe Region, located in the center of the region.
Today is the day, the new starter Pokemon have arrived at Prof. Oaks Research Lab!
You head downstairs, after saying goodbye to your mother and the family Purrloin you head off to Prof. Oaks Lab..
Not before running a few errands for your dear mother before you leave, of course.

Danii, your 16 year old female neighbour, is just as excited about receiving her first Pokemon today!
After letting her know the starter Pokemon have arrived you both set off for Prof. Oaks Lab, Danii rushes off first claiming she will choose the best one for herself..
Prof. Oak presents you both with three Pokemon..
Torchic, Treeko and Mudkip.

Who will you choose to be your partner in this great journey called life?
Do you have what it takes to beat all 8 Latrobe Pokemon Gyms, and finally become the Champion?
Journey the great exotic Latrobe Region, creating great memories with new friends and strong allies.
With twists and turns at every corner can you keep your eyes on the prize without being distracted by Team Rockets evil plans..
And what does the return of Cyrus and his Team Galactic army of henchmen have to with the great legends of Latrobe mythology?
There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to play the game!

Region History:
The Latrobe Region, located far South from Kanto & Johto..
The region is suffering from slight climate shift more then other Regions, so the weather is usually hot or really rainy.
Because of these weather changes certain Pokemons cell-structures have changed to adapt to the climate in the Region (A list of changes is below)
The game is set two years after Black/White 2, Prof. Oak has moved to the Latrobe Region to study the environmental impact from the climate shift.
Prof. Gary Oak now runs Oaks old lab in Pallet Town.

Rom infos

  • Hack: Pokémon Ruby (US)
  • Creator: Kebbles
  • Download: Alpha 0.5
  • Up-Coming Events: None


  • New Scripts
  • New Tiles
  • New O/W’s
  • Transperant Mugshots
  • Semi-Transparent Textboxs
  • Very Explorable Maps
  • New TM List
  • 4th/5th Gen Pokemon
  • Three Fakemon
  • All Pokemon Catchable
  • Tough Gyms
  • Optional Battles with Trainers
  • More then One Rival
  • Travel to Kanto/Unova
  • Pokemon League Tournament
  • Special Events
  • New Moves





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