Pokemon Fuligin (U) (Nintendo GBA)

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Pokemon Fuligin, another hack version of Pokemon Fire Red (U), now is published. The main language is English and you can use VBA Emulator to play it easily. Sllew, the creator of this game, has been working on this hack for over a year and a half, and it is now complete. It’s certainly not the greatest hack out there but he is happy with how it turned out.

Story Line
You are a young boy or girl who lives with your mom and brother in the small town of ALORA. Professor Oak has a lab there and the story starts basically just like the original fire red with getting your first pokemon and pokedex and so on. You soon find that your brother is involved with team rocket and drags you into trouble as well. He later convinces you to join them because, hey, they’re not so bad… You must then work your way up through through the ranks and eventually lead team rocket. In the meantime, a couple of pokemon bent on world domination run wild and terrorize the population.


  • All Pokemon from the first 3 gens are available
  • Don’t need to trade to evolve any Pokemon
  • Play on the side of team rocket
  • New gym leaders and elite 4
  • Gradually increasing difficulty
  • Roughly 30 hours of gameplay


  • Inside caves and buildings the map won’t show where you are correctly.
  • If you give your brother a name that isn’t on the list it messes up his color palette just for the one screen when it goes back to his sprite.
  • The Exp. Share event doesn’t work right for some people.

Rom infos

  • Creator: Sllew
  • Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red (U)
  • Version: Beta
  • Language: English


Download Pokemon Fuligin (U) (Nintendo GBA) Link

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