Pokemon Dark Cry (GBA)

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You woke up and you realised that you were lying in a cave, and you saw everything black and white. Nobody heard you saying. But, you saw two people, standing by a dark altar. On the altar was sort of plate lying, kinda strange. The two people by the altar were talking about a “Shadow Plate”. You were trying to attack them with your pokemon, but your pokemons weren’t with you, and also, you couldn’t scream. Then, you saw a persoon walking with an emblem of an “R” on his shirt. You’re trying to stop him, but he walks right trough you.
You saw the person doing a strange ritual, and then, there was a big, big earthquake and a giant shadow was coming to you.

You woke up and realised it was all a dream. You walked out your bed, and looked at the clock, you saw it’s already 10:10 AM, you went to late for picking up you first pokemon. Later you realised that your dream is comming true


*new hiro/hiroine: (Gold/Sarola (female ranger)
*4 new never showed fakemon
*new and better scripts
*ASM/HEX scripting
*new proffesor (Rowan)
*new Battlegrounds
*New region
*new tekstbox
*New intro sprites
*new music
*Harder then fire red
*better with graphics and scripts then Thunder Emblem
*other story
*new tiles
*New pallet
*New gymleaders
*The story will be compleet told.
*two rivals
*and alot more


Explore new areas, caves and towns with a new graphical apealing, that makes DC: the legend of giratina more entertainment to play.

Meet and greed 4 new fakemon: with example Pendular, regighost and regifire!!

This hack has new, almost never used BG’s from kyledove. This makes DC:the legend of giratina more entertainment and fun to play.

Explore new inner tiles inclusief pokecenter and houses

Also has Dark Cry: the legend of Giratina the TORN WORLD included! where the world will be different and harder to play. Where rocks and walkeble places appear and dissapear. And battle here versus Giratina with a new look

Explore new gyms, and battle versus new and old faces.

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