Pokemon Card Game: Asobikata DS (J) (Nintendo DS)

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The latest version of Pokemon Card Game, a trading card game based off Pokemon Black & White, includes a tutorial. Not a tutorial booklet or even DVD, though. Pokemon Co. is including a DS cart to explain the rules of the game.

The tutorial program is titled Pokemon Card Game Asobikata DS, or How to Play Pokemon Card Game DS. It includes a digital recreation of Pokemon Card Game, played against the CPU, a quiz mode, and a rule dictionary. You’ll be able to freely transfer copies of the game to friends.

Everything else in the bundle will be familiar: three 30 card decks, a play matt, and a damage counter.

Pokemon Card Game BW Hajimete Set + will be released on August 5, priced ¥2,980.

Rom infos

Rom: Pokémon Card Game: Asobikata DS
Platform: NDS
Region: Japan
Release Date: 2011-08-05
MSRP: 2980 yen


video demos

Click here to download Pokemon Card Game: Asobikata DS (J) (Nintendo DS)

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