Pokemon Blaze Black & Pokemon Volt White (U) (NDS)


Pokemon Blaze Black & Pokemon Volt White are hack version games of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. Having some changes with the original versions like you can catch all 649 Pokemons, wild Pokemons and Trainers are changed and so on.. Let’s view the feature of this game for more information.

Pokémon Blaze Black and Pokémon Volt White are available in a variety of versions. There is the “Normal” version, which is the main version of the hack, having every regular Pokémon wild and all changes to other things applied. There is the “Legendary” version, which is very much like the Normal version but is different in that legendaries are also catchable around Unova, albeit rarely. Lastly, there is the “Clean” version (of both the Normal and Legendary versions) that brings the hack back to the bare basics of wild, trainer and evolution differences.

You can also choose a hacked version of Black or White, implied by the name. There are no exclusive wild Pokémon this time around, but Black and White maintain their other usual differences such as aesethetics and catchable legendaries. Black City has been edited whereas White Forest has not, however. There are also slight differences between Drayden and Iris’ teams, as well as one small change in N’s team between versions.


  • A grand total of 606 Pokémon are available in any one of the two versions! The missing 43 Pokémon are every legendary that cannot ordinarily be caught in the game (counting Reshiram/Tornadus as part of the 606 on Blaze Black, and Zekrom/Thundurus as one of the 606 on Volt White.) Every non legendary is capturable somewhere!
  • Every single trainer in the game that is regularly accessible has been edited. This can mean different rosters, different Pokemon, higher levels etcetera.
  • Every single area in the game has had its wild Pokémon edited to some extent; post credit locations not so much, but everything before the Pokémon League has been substantially edited to have an entirely fresh lineup of Pokémon to capture.
  • Particularly important battles such as Gym Leaders and Elite Four will now have you up against six Pokemon, which have been handpicked to fit the trainer’s ‘personality’ as close as possible. This in particular is a trend of my hacks, and you will be very familiar with it if you’ve played either of the other two.
  • A couple of attacks have had their power, accuracy, PP and even type edited.
  • Those of you what play Blaze Black will be able to fight trainers with legendaries in Black City. Which legendaries will you get to fight? Who knows! (There is no parallel for White Forest, unfortunately.)
  • Every Pokemon that cannot be evolved in the game regularly (i.e. trade evolutions such as Graveler, Magmar and Porygon2) now have alternate evolution methods that allow their use. In addition, Slowpoke is now able to evolve into Slowbro through having a Shellder in the party. No more waiting until Level 37!
  • The stats of some Pokémon have been edited – in most cases, this has been applied to Pokémon that were weak to begin with such as Butterfree, Mightyena or Kricketune.
  • Secondary abilities have been added to almost every Pokémon. A great chunk of these are Dream World abilities (with a DW ability replacing a current ability if worthwhile) though some Pokémon have received new abilities altogether. Say hello to Sheer Force Emboar and Regenerator Starmie!
  • The level curve is now significantly sharper, taking greater advantage of the Black and White EXP system. It is recommended you use the Lucky Egg received in Chargestone Cave as the levels are built as though you ARE using it! You can also steal Lucky Eggs off of wild Chansey in shaking grass on Route 6, what now have a 50% chance of holding a Lucky Egg.
  • A few changes to Pokemon types have been made. Most notably, the Unova starters have been changed entirely type-wise to make them far more interesting than before. You now have the choice of a Grass/Dragon Serperior, Fire/Dark Emboar or Water/Fighting Samurott!
  • The level up moves of certain Pokemon have been edited, particularly in the case of those what previously had a poor movepool such as Vanilluxe or Klinklang. TM/HM compatibility has also been edited in some cases, such as Lilligant now being able to learn Shadow Ball and Psychic, or Klinklang being able to learn Wild Charge and Earthquake.
  • Documents have been made that detail every single change in the game, making it easy to see when Wild Pokemon are, what Level Up move changes there are etcetera. These are included in the download.

Rom infos

  • Pokemon Name Versions: Pokemon Blaze Black & Pokemon Volt White (now version 1.2)
  • Hacker: Drayano
  • Pokemon Original Version: Pokemon Black & White
  • Language: English


video demos

Now get the patch file free and patch to your B&W roms (having an instruction, xdelta and UPS patches included in this file). If you don’t have Pokemon Black & Pokemon White can view our previous post.

Update on July 2011, Pokemon Blaze Black & Pokemon Volt White are at Version 2.0.5.

Download Pokemon Blaze Black & Pokemon Volt White (U) (NDS)

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