Pokemon Black & White English Translation Rom Patchs Download

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This is patch from KazoWAR’s and Kaarosu’s Translation Site for Pokemon Black & White.

Alright I’ve pulled everything we have in the git so far and compiled a patch out of it, it’s for the Black version since that’s what I’m working with right now. Anyways It’s nowhere near being done obviously, but it’s getting to the point where we can’t verify all the changes we’ve made for accuracy so I’m putting this out in hopes that *IF* you do use it you can provide us with some feedback as to what needs to be fixed, I ask that you look at the attack descriptions for the most part I know that needs to get the linebreaks fixed. Try not to flood the thread with it though. – Kaarosu

Patch Instructions (you can see the same instruction via http://dl.poke-mega.org/patch-fix-anti-privacy-and-no-exp-for-pokemon-black-white/)

  • Obtain a clean ROM
  • Obtain a copy of xDelta GUI
  • Open xDelta Gui
  • Click “Select Patch” and choose whichever patch you downloaded for your version
  • Now choose ‘Select ROM’ and navigate to the clean ROM
  • Now click on “Apply Patch” wait until it’s done, It will not tell you whether it’s completed or not. The newly patched ROM will be in the same folder as the old ROM.

Try it out and give some feedback?

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