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description Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

Ever since you were a child, you have shown an amazing interest in Pokémon. Your father, a well-known scientist throughout the world for the number of successes he has achieved during the course of his research, recently discovered a seemingly powerful orb and decided to investigate and research it.
The orb is said to be a myth, however upon your father’s discovery, said statement is false. Word spreads about the truth behind the orb’s existence and it pricks the interest of many people – especially the group of people known as Team Zen. However their interest is very different to that of many others; they show interest in stealing it. Your dad’s research is unknowingly helping Team Zen achieve their goal. According to his calculations, the research done by your father show that the orb is in fact a key to activate something… what it is is currently unknown.

In this game, you will decide your own destiny. Actions have consequences. Will you be able to stop Team Zen from stealing the orb and eventually discovering it’s powers? In Pokémon: Black Orb, you’ll decide the answer to that.

rominfo Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

Name: Pokémon: Black Orb Version
Hack from Pokémon: Fire Red Version by xmouvelianx


  • No more gym battles
  • Badges can still be receive by doing mini-quest or tasks in certain towns.
  • Three new Fakemon
  • Interesting Save-The-Pokemon Events
  • Actions have consequences
  • Reputation system
  • And more!

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NewPCtiles Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)marttiles Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

Brandnewtileset Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)Air Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

COMMERCIAL Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)Hiking Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

Oo2 Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)Quickbattle Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

Spotthepokemon Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

full 1 Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

Newest Titlescreen by me:
9i4nyx Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)

dusk Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)oo 2 Pokemon Black Orb (U) (GBA)Town and City Information:
1: Canopy Town .// This is where your father lives and work. A cave lies in this town, and nobody is aware of the secret that is hidden within it.
2: Prion City .// This city is jam-packed with eager Pokémon Trainers. Interacting with people may evoke a Pokémon battle, so be on your guard!
3: Haborny Town .// This snow-covered town holds many rumors and legends. It is famous for being said to be protected by Frosslass.
More information coming soon.
4: Koppuri City .// This City is one of the region’s most busiest city, most of them are tourists from the right-side of the region.
5. Maxima City .// City full of scientist, they have developed advance technology using just metang to help them.

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