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description Pokemon AshGray (U)
Hi, I’ve been working on a hack of FireRed for a Pokemon Anime Version of the game that basically follows the same events of the anime. I see that there have been hacks like this already, so I’m not sure how good my would be in comparison.

But I started this because I wanted to make videos of playing Pokemon all the way through with Ash’s lineup, to see just how it would go.

I’m going to try to (if possible) cover the events from each episode in the Kanto and Orange League series. The story follows the same one as the anime, including events, etc. I’ve basically hacked up to episode 15, but it needs refinement, and I just about finished redoing the intro.

You are Ash Ketchum. You’re about to embark on your Pokémon adventure. Unfortunately, you stayed up all night watching Pokémon matches and woke up late! With all your rivals from Pallet Town (the most annoying being Gary) having taken all the starters available, it looks like you’ll just have to go home … unless you want Pikachu instead.

You’re about to embark on an adventure of 116 events (plus two movie events) that will put you in Ash’s shoes, allow you to catch the Pokémon he catches, and make the decisions he makes. How will your journey as Ash Ketchum play out? There’s only one way to find out …

features Pokemon AshGray (U)
– Play as Ash Ketchum
– Have the opportunity to catch all of the Pokémon Ash does
– Follows the same events as in the Anime Series
– New Tiles
– New Sprites
– New Maps

Bugs: (Help on how to fix is appreciated)
- Running Shoes don’t work in Pallet Town or Route 1?
– Ash stays on Misty’s bike after Pikachu thundershocks the Spearow

– Disappearing/Reappearing tree in Viridian City
– Bad Eggs appearing in your Storage Boxes!
– Quite a few more, I’m sure

con-11 – Team Rocket trainer sprite
zappyspiker – BANNER 2 and 3
Me – Everything else

video Pokemon AshGray (U)

screenshots Pokemon AshGray (U)
treesandcenter Pokemon AshGray (U)
005 Pokemon AshGray (U)
ashbacko Pokemon AshGray (U)
pokemart Pokemon AshGray (U)
oaklab Pokemon AshGray (U)

download Pokemon AshGray (U)
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  1. cholo says

    yo the link to yah game fucks me over n dosent let mee go into veridian city , iht juss leaves mee in a giant grassland , iht isnt the same as yah video

  2. carlou019 says

    can you make pikachu follow you like in the anime movie? cuz it wud be the best game if you can make pikachu follow you.. and also change ash here…

  3. carlou019 says

    but overall the game rocks.. it is like im watching the anime.. just make pikachu follw you when the player is walking or running. pls pls pls…..

  4. iArsenic says

    I left this on PokeCommunity, but I downloaded this version of the game and I can’t get the Pokeflute, or up to the house where you get the Fly HM.
    Any reason why?

  5. Danny says

    You cut the tree with the hatchet. and talk to snorlax and then go to the guy who play music and snorelax move he or she will be at lv 30.

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