Pokemon Arcoiris (GBA)

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Pokemon Arcoiris is a Pokemon hacked rom of Pokemon Ruby version by Numus and Ra. Language in game is Spanish. The series of T.V. They did once a league, or a chapters, the chapters was developing in the ORANGE ISLANDS.

The bad thing is that NINTENDO never created a game of this small saga.

Now, “SPRIHACK NET” has decided to re-live through this small saga, in which not only will be the Orange Islands, if not also you will be able to re-live through the adventures of some movies, as POK�MON 2000 or POKEMON THE MOVIE, between others, also there will be POK�MON of the 4� season, etc…


  • He(she) explores the Orange Islands, the regions of the legendary birds(fire island, thunder island and ice island), the Oringin Island(mewtwo and mew), between others…
  • Map totally new.
  • Principal Personage: Ash and Misty.
  • Presence of pokemon of the 4� season.
  • Starter: Only Picachu.
  • Bonuss: Chicorita, Cindaquil, Totodile, starters of 4 � season and Lapras.
  • Other things: New tiles, new sprites, new adventure in general, etc.



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