Pokémon Aqua Version (GBA)

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Pokémon Aqua Version is a fictional game for the GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Wii. It will also be the first ever Pokémon game for Xbox 360, Nintendo teaming up with them for this so they can have a version without the Wii controls. This game is still in devolpment by Magma-Man, and will never become real. It will also intirely be made in America, and will not do the horrible mistakes the new Pokémon shows have done. It is also more aimed at older teens who where fans of Pokémon when they were younger.


The player will go on an adventure to become the most powerful trainer, just like normal, but things change when the Elite Four’s Base is destroyed by Mewfour, and the new objective of the game is to destroy Mewfour.


This, unlike other Pokémon games, is set way in the future, with cities containing things like zoomers and such. Alot of the environment is like that of Jak II, with police wearing armor similar to Krimzon Gaurds. There are many guns in the game, mainly in possession of American Troops. This takes place in America. This is especially noticeable in the Wii and Xbox 360 versions with their 3D free-roaming environment.

New Features

  • The move “Fly” is renamed “Flight”
  • Pokémon can learn more than one move per level up
  • There are guns, you cannot use them however
  • More Pokémon
  • Story that does not end with you defeating the region’s Elite Four
  • Dialogue choices (NDS and GBA versions only)

GBA Version

The GBA Version will have the same plot, main characters, and Pokédex, but will still be different from the other versions.


The Gameplay is just like the gameplay on previous GameBoy Pokémon Games, like Sapphire and FireRed, but will have some new features

  1. The ability to have your starter Pokémon follow you around, like in Yellow version
  2. Enemies have guns
  3. Possible for people and Pokémon to die
  4. Unique storyline that does NOT feature beating America’s Elite 4, even though that is the goal at first

Rom infos

Created By
Main Character
GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360,
Completion Date
Main Enemy
GBA Rating
DS Rating
E10+ – Violence
Wii Rating
Xbox 360 Rating
T – Strong Violence, Breif Blood


File:Tailkip Vs. Mewfour.png


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