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NO $ Zoomer is a utility that piggybacks on NO $ GBA, GBA and NDS emulator. It adds features that are not supported by NO $ GBA. Thus, in the display settings, you can enlarge the screen and even to full screen. You can also rotate the screen to simulate the vertical orientation of the Nintendo DS. NO $ Zoom also accepts graphics filters Megadrive emulator Kega Fusion.


  • Made a little better translation.
  • Added libraries so it can decompress .zip and .rar files.
  • Changed settings – now the rom icon displays on the titlebar.
  • You can change the windows cursor to a stylus when it is on the touch screen – just type a full path to Stylus.cur in NO$Zoomer.ini (example C:\NO$Zoomer2.3.0.1\Stylus.cur)
  • Added kega fusion plugins, because the initial filters don’t look good.

video demos



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