Nintenlord’s UPS patcher (NUPS) – Patch .ups to your Pokemon Game ROM

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Nintenlord’s UPS patcher (NUPS) is programmed by byuu. NUPS not only helps you create UPS format but it is also the original patcher. When you have some hack files .ups and you don’t know how to use it, don’t worry, try NUPS. It is easy to use, this is Usage.

Start the program and click the “Apply an UPS patch to a file” button. Click the upper “Browse…” button and select the file you want
to patch. Then press the lower “Browse…” button and select the UPS file you wish to apply. Click “Run”. If a box pops up saying that the patching was aborted, it means you have selected either wrong file or wrong UPS patch. Select correct files and try again.

-Creating a patch:
Start the program and click the “Create a new UPS patch” button. Choose the original, unmodified file with the upper “Browse…” button and the new, modified file with the second “Browse…”. Finally, select the place where the new UPS patch will be saved using the lowest “Browse…” button. Finally, click the “Run” button.

what 's new
V 1.0:
-First public release.

V 1.1:
-Added the ability to get details about the patch.
-Made an icon for the exe.

V 1.2
-Fixed the glitch that cut the end of the file if it’s larger than the changed file patch was originally created with.
-Made it possible to use Read-only file as the original file when creating a patch

V 1.3
-Fixed a glitch on patching when sizes don’t match (can’t think of good way to describe it).


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