My Zoom for No$GBA

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This is another tool for No$gba. If you have not patience to wait the new NDS2xGL, you can try this one. myZoom + myZoomSoft = myZoom V1.8. Just Try it for yourself.


  • Two Zoomed Windows, independently moveable.
  • myZoom requires OpenGL; myZoomSoft requires CPU only.
  • You can hide No$gba, through this program to play games.
  • More

How to use:
– Extract all files into no$gba directory/subdirectory, run myZoom.exe/myZoomSoft.exe.
if you extract all files into other place, you need to run No$gba.exe and myZoom.exe/myZoomSoft.exe separately.
– Click right mouse on main window of this program to adjust settings.


Download My Zoom for No$GBA

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