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New emulator development found for the NDS. Its called IDeaS which the symbolic of Ideas and DS (obviously). The second best (after DeSmuME) emu progressing so far. Manage to run one of the Metrioid Movie and starting to run some commecial NDS roms. This emulator has a bright future. Download link is on the right side menu ->

Technical documentation
Product name : iDeaS
Supported platforms : Windows 95/98/Me/XP + OpenGL
Author : Lino

Zoo Keeper – some glitchy screens, others playable.
Space Invaders Revolution – some glitchy screens, others playable.
Dig Dug – digging strike some glitchy screens, playable but slow.
Madden NFL 2006 – crashes on main gameplay.

What is really emulated in iDeaS
– arm7 and arm9 processors with the exception of some of the opcodes of arm9.
– A few the arm7 calls to bios are emulated.
– All two the screens are emulated and give all the 3d output and gba output,
naturally with big limitations.
– The touch screen works but only with the adc sets to 12 bits.
– The Real Time Clock is summary emulated.



Download iDeas – Nintendo DS Emulator

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