Pokemon Elite Quest Version (U) (Nintendo GBA)


Pokémon Elite Quest is nice hack version of Pokemon Fire Red (U). A new story, tiles, maps, and region are wating for you in this game. Main language is still English. Now it is at Alpha Version. Gameplay/Story Line Years ago a giant meteorite hurtled from space downto earth. on it’s way it broke into […]

Pokemon Galaxy Elements Version (U) (Nintendo GBA)


Pokemon Galaxy Elements is a hack version of Pokemon Ruby (U). The main region now is Latrobe Region. The Language in game is English. Gameplay/ Story Line Welcome to the Latrobe Region! Home to many mysteries and great legends. None more mysterious then the treacherous Mt. Baw Baw.. Will the power of truth and ideals […]

Pokemon Christmas (U) (Nintendo GBC/GBA)


Pokemon Christmas is hack version Pokemon Gold. Language in game is English. Slogan of this game is “Trainin’ in a Winter Wonderland” Story Line: This is part of what will become a mini-series known as the “Johto Legacy”, which continues to tell the story of Johto after Gold and Silver left off. This is much […]

Pokemon Hyetology (U) (Nintendo GBA)


Pokémon Hyetology is another hack version Pokemon Emerald. It is being developed hinkage, the author of this game. Welcome to Pokémon Hyetology — the darkest hack yet! And that’s only the title screen. Pokémon Hyetology takes place in the Angelos and Gotham regions of the Scimetri nation; a place renowned for having the strongest Pokémon […]

Pokemon Fuligin (U) (Nintendo GBA)


Pokemon Fuligin, another hack version of Pokemon Fire Red (U), now is published. The main language is English and you can use VBA Emulator to play it easily. Sllew, the creator of this game, has been working on this hack for over a year and a half, and it is now complete. It’s certainly not […]

Pokemon Victory Fire (U) (Nintendo GBA)


Pokemon Victory Fire is a Hack Version of Pokemon Emerald (U) on Nintendo GBA. The language in game is still English. Now it is being continued to work and complete, the current version is 2.33 Story Line/Gameplay This hack is about a trainer(IRON/PURE) of TYRON Region(The name of the region is in honor of an […]

Pokemon Advanced Adventure (U) (Nintendo GBA)


Pokemon Advanced Adventure is a Hack Version of Pokemon Leaf Green (U) on Nintendo GBA. The main language is English. The creator, dbzmay, has worked to publish the Final Version to all Pokemon Fans. And he will be fixing bug updates and be adding a bit of an extra story line after the Pokemon HQ […]